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1320 Performance D Series Turbo Manifold AC Compatible

what's up guys i just got home and uh we got car parts that was on the steps so uh gonna grab a cuddle homie 3000 real quick so i'm hoping this works out as good as i think it does i knowan issue that's going to come up lateron once my wastegate finally shows up but i'm pretty sure i got that figured out so you know open this and do thisthing it's taped so goodlike taped insane solet me put you guys on the tripodi'm going to be so surprised if it'spackaged this insanely good like outside the box but then the piece isjust thrown in the boxum receiptoh sweet stickers thank you 13 20.those are dope okay we've got tons ofpacking peanutsto the point where i'm gonna make a messpulling this out probablyi'm gonna go dump these packing peanutsand trash oh my godokay no i still got onecut the bubble wrap grab the parts knifecooloh yeah that looksway way betterthan the cast iron manifoldokay guys and so this wastegate i boughtuh or this manifold i bought was listedas a blemished manifold andsupposedly that can mean lack ofhardwareor maybe it's got a small scratch in itsomewhereyou know something that doesn't defectthequality of the piece anybut i honestly i don't see any scratchesguysthis thing looks good it's heavythickflange looks really goodyes i may have to check out the uh paperlet's see but check this out it's gotthe 1320 logo on the uhrunner right there super nice straightmachineto flange this is the ac compatiblemanifold this is going to tilt mymanifoldway way different than the other oneso i'm stoked guys i looked outso i looked out as um as far as theblemish goesit's got some little bitty nicks righthere maybe from shippingand i assume even the ones that don'tcount as blemish are probably gonna endup with somethinglike that but uh basically the onlything that's not included in this thatit shows on a lot of the other manifoldsis uh gaskets but i have brand newoem gasket so i wouldn't use the gasketsfor here anyways and i havethis gasket from my cast manifoldso i meani literally have everything i need andthese studs are allsame length it looks like which i likethe fact of how the stopperis on these because uhi don't know they just thread in waybetter and actually bottom out wherethey shouldunlike my uh castmanifold that you guys would have seenin the last videoso so far i totally recommend gettingone of these 1320 manifoldsuh honestly they look brilliantlike the welds they even take and cleanup and pour it out they don't just leavesuper rough nasty looking welds theflanges you can see them line for themachine and just super straight[Applause]and thenand they are the ones the teeth on thebottom sojust gotta pull the old one off and getthis bad boy installed[Music]issue i can't run it with the compressorfacing this side uh the b bandit's turbine mounting so i can only runitthat directionokay verygentleoh hey clears the block really wellthis bike's gonna be ordered in anentirely different nowbut huhall right guys turbo's bolted up allfeeds bolted up so you seeit wraps around here now from the backum maybe i'll end up tightening it alittle bit as long as it clears theintake i don't really careum if need be i'll run a little clipthing right here to hold it downoff the intake just keep a nice smoothbend timing cover and stuff will here sothis won't be in the way of anythingsee it runs through underneath themanifold which it is touching a littlerightthere which i'll have to do somethingabout which once it's actually tightenit should staysomething like that out of the way nottouching that'll work goodum the drain obviously this is going tobe brought ina lot more i don't have anything totighten this right now all this stuff'sgot to be thread taped againbut basically it'll start and then thisway and then this holes will beshortened because it's only going to goto you know like herewhich just won't run upward like that tokeep itkind of nice steadyrunning downwardum you know it'll be cut like right inhere where my fingers atand i'll have a line like that so thatmeans now thatwith this crazy angle on it to clear theac compressor the down pipe's gonna haveto golike either i can up pipe it and have areally tallup pipe like way up hereor it's just gonna have to come rightthen downlike almost forward and then start tobend back before it ever gets to thepipei probably have to wrap this pipe morethan likelyjust to keep it from getting hot whichluckily that's before it goes into theintercooler i still don't want thatgetting too hotand then it can shoot down into thetraining tunnel or we can do one ofthese numbers wherewe come down and out the front bumperand just send itwhich is a really really goodpossibility of what i'm gonna doum really hate to cut into the m1 frontbumper but at this point this thing'sbecoming a little more weekend race carless show carum not a crazy angle or anything clockedon this nowum got to keep it clocked back just alittle bit to keep it off the housingthereand then uh yeah i don't know it workspretty good and then the voice gatei have to get an adapter the wastegate ibought for the other crappy manifoldover thereum it's not v-vamp so we're going to getai'm probably just going to leave thisv-band just in case i decide to switchlater onbut i'm going to get a 44 millimeter to38 millimeter uhadapter and then my dump tube willeither run downhere or it'll have some crazypipe to follow along and just yeah idon't knowstill got a lot to figure out butoverall that's how she looks looks amillion times betterplenty of clearance here the pipe ohthat's loudthis pipe um so sagging but it'll bemore where it's supposed to be now forthe links because then the other pipethat bends aroundit's not sticking out you know way pastthe engine now which means that shouldbe pretty close to rolling upso that's where i'm at with the em1 guyseverything's looking pretty good um i'mjust waiting on parts right now i don'treally have anything else out except forthe wastegate which is on back order andi gotta orderus at this point i just need to get mydrink i need to get the head fixedlike spring that's probably my next moveis i'm gonna go ahead and have the headbuiltso i can get that thing back get thevalve seals in itum i don't know if i ever showed youguys thisthere's the valve seals the skunk twoseals i need to getsprings and retainers ordered and then imay go ahead and order a new set of camgears instead of using the ones that arein the blue cari don't know i would like everything tobesupposedly those break i had an issuewith the fibo aem cam gearsbut i've heard so many rumors of peoplebreaking nowsome may go ahead and buy something alittle different for this i go ahead andjust get another set of skunk two onesjust because there's so much other skunktwo stuff on the carbut uh yeah it's getting thereand everything's starting to look goodand i may even go ahead and throw thisintake back on there i don't know i kindof like how the pro series fits andkeeps it suitablebut something about just seeing the bigturbo with the skunk tool water andstuffif i can get that idle air control valveset up fixed and get the piping editedto work with that ultra manifoldthen that'll work good and it seems thatmy throttle cable works better with theultra than the pro series for somereason too which makes zerosense because the pro series is way moreclose tohow the factory man would have been buti didn't have any sticking issues withthe throttle body until i put that proseries manifold on thereso that's where i'm at guys sorry forthe long ramp hope you like thisvideo hope you're liking this uh turbob16 contentjust be sure to uh you know give athumbs upgive it a thumbs down if you didn't likethe video and thenand then uh yeah so subscribe if you'renot already and i'm out

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