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wonder why Mimi's outside today oh lookat this there's another car and you knowwhat are they mine I wonder whose itcould be interstates right or notI'll just pan over to you we have a newteam member this is Vancethis is his I know you a year's record94 Integra with nobody take but as a be18 sounds really good what the exhausthe has on it yeah we have a new car toadd to the team you need some work butit still runs good right van yeah notlike my Miata thing leaks like crazywell we're going to talk about that I'mtalking about your car today so what areyour plans for your car yeah I'm notdoing everyone says to do it my wayyeah you got your cars and you got todrive it you got to love itso yeah we'll do something dry as we'llsee more content of this card we neededa front-wheel drive and the crew anywayon so look we're 15 great 15 by 8 6 and1/2 are they everybody goes 15 by 8 so Ijust assumed look at new tools yeah newhotness Thank You Home Depot this iswhat we've got for you guys today you'regonna do an install on his headersheader thank you[Music]bolts loose they were stuck but some ofthis does strippedit's just that don't want to drop moneyI'm gonna put another Jackson on adifferent case yeah wouldn't that beironic I think you love so muchends up killing you mm-hmm that's notfunny kind of it's kind of funnywhat's I suck at you need 12-inch ohit's a big socket okay we just put thecamera downsure did[Music]take for free the Beast let's gonnatweak I was kidding mmm-hmm let's getthat sound clip[Music]rattledI found good[Music][Music]okay give them some more content on thisintegrity now that we've got anotherperson out here we need to get aKyle going on his Z but it's kind ofhibernating for the winter protectingyou from the rain cuz it's still primerdidn't all its old yeah he did have arust issue he fixed it but he doesn'twant to create another one to leakcompletely under coated so we'll do somerock callin videos or something soon butkeep GoPro entire thing will catch youguys later

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